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Exercise Physiology

Osteoporosis and Exercise

What is Osteoporosis and how can I find out if I may have it? Osteoporosis is a term given to describe the loss of calcium and other minerals in the bones that leaves bones more vulnerable to fractures or breaks.…
Julian May
November 15, 2022
Exercise Physiology

Restoring Blood Pressure

What is high blood pressure and how is it caused? High blood pressure or hypertension is a very common condition that should be addressed. High blood pressure is characterised by the sustained increase in force against our body's arterial walls…
Julian May
October 15, 2022
Hydrotherapy Orange NSW
The Wellness House

Hydrotherapy Classes

Hydrotherapy is currently run by The Physio Station on a Thursday at the Orange Aquatic Centre. An individual appointment is required first with a physiotherapist to discuss your needs and goals and a program is designed for you. The cost ongoing is…
April 28, 2022