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Pre-Employment Screening

When starting a new employee it helps to know if they are physically ready for the job. Employees can carry past injuries or be at risk of developing new ones. Sometimes an employee just needs some direction on how to remain healthy.

The Physio Station offers Pre-Employment Screening to our clients, either standalone or in conjunction with the Pre-Employment Medicals conducted by The Wellness House doctors and nurses. We can book your Pre-Employment Screening, Audiometry Testing, Drug and Alcohol Testing, and Medical Screening all in one phone call.

Screening involves taking a current and past medical history, followed by a fitness test, range of motion tests, strength tests, and job-specific tests. If we have conducted a Job Task Analysis for you we can use this to design a Pre-Employment Screening specific to your job roles, increasing the value of the report that we provide back to you.

Managers and Human Resources departments use Pre-Employment Screening as one facet of the approach to reduce injuries in the workplace.