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Return to Work

Physiotherapists are uniquely skilled to provide extremely effective return to work services. With a knowledge of anatomy, pathophysiology, work demands, compensation systems, the medical system, the Work Health and Safety act and codes of practice physiotherapists are a very safe pair of hands for injury management at a very affordable price.

The Physio Station specialises in return to work of employees in many industries through thorough assessment, treatment and management of any injury. We work collaboratively with GP’s, the employer, Return To Work Providers, Rehab Consultants, Insurers and other health practitioners. The Physio Station’s residence within the Wellness House, a one-stop multidisciplinary healthcare centre, enables it to work even more closely with GP’s and any other health care providers like psychologists, dieticians or podiatrists. With the ability to work Onsite The Physio Station can provide immediate, relevant, work appropriate restrictions and timely increasing of work duties.