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Hydrotherapy is a therapeutic exercise that is done in warm water. It is very effective for rehabilitation of injuries and chronic diseases such as diabetes and arthritis. It is especially effective for hips, knees and ankles. Some of the reasons that exercise in water helps improve pain and function include:

  • The buoyancy of water supports your weight and allows for an increased range of movement of your joints with less pain
  • Water can provide resistance to your joints as you move, increasing your strength
  • The warmth and pressure of water relaxes your muscles and improves circulation

The Physio Station offers individual and group hydrotherapy of a Wednesday morning at the Orange Aquatic Centre. To arrange a hydrotherapy session please first book a Physiotherapy Appointment in the rooms where the physiotherapist will discuss your needs and goals, and design a program for you. You may be suitable for individual hydrotherapy, group hydrotherapy or a progression to self-managed hydrotherapy.