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Nothing gets you fit like touch footy.

Like all sports however there is a risk of getting injured. Thankfully this is only small in a sport like touch football which is relatively safe. Preventing an injury might sound strange, but there are some simple ways you can avoid 30-50% of injuries!

Julian May, Sports and Exercise Physiotherapist at The Physio Station and avid touch football player shares his tips on avoiding injury:

Warm Up: So simple. Plan the time to do this before each time you run. Calves, backs and knees are the three most common touch football injuries so make sure you warm these areas up. Warming up can involve stretching, dynamic movements, a specific drill like dumping the ball, and literally making the whole body warm which means the cardiovascular system is working. In short, you have to feel ready to go!

Rest When Needed: Maybe your foot has been hurting a few days, or your hamstring feels tight. Know your body, and if you have a niggling pain that doesn’t warm up properly it can be smarter to skip a week and do a lighter training session or run to get your body conditioned rather than doing too much too soon.

Do Your Rehab: The most likely place you will injure is one you have injured before. This speaks volumes and means that you should keep doing those exercises to strengthen the areas you have injured before. Take responsibility for your body.

Tape or Brace if needed: While not generally recommended for everyone if you are returning from an injury taping and bracing have their place and can be used for a few months to help you get back to playing. If you find you are needing tape ongoing its probably better to see someone and do your rehab.

The Physio Station is a comprehensive physiotherapy and rehabilitation practice run by Orange’s only Sports and Exercise Physiotherapist. The Physio Station is a sponsor of the Orange Thunder touch football competition, representative teams and referees.